You will be vehemently unyielding. Forgiveness wouldn't come easily to you. To have a clear perception of things that you can control, and rise like a phoenix to quickly brush side your loss and setbacks will challenge your mental faculties.


You are teeming with ideas. Your energies are in sync with shaping the deals to their desired aspects. Keen to work and execute plans, keep a listening ear to those who point out at your faults. Do not be irked or agitated and make an extra effort to associate with your co-workers to be productive.


You are concrete and rock-hard in your disposition. you have exactly figured out your likes and dislikes.


Your relationship won't go through much of a tumult as of now. All seems to progress in a well -off direction. But do not let this make you lay back in constantly remodeling your love energies. Lend a listening ear to your companion's feelings. Or you may portray a slapdash attitude, which you would want otherwise.


Being a part of large groups like a sports team will usher in good luck


Transit for the purpose of relaxing and slackening of after rigorous work or match schedule will be advantageous.