Vulnerability is so much the way of all flesh, and is beautiful in all its essence. You wish to divert the attention and energies of others around toward this vulnerability of yours, by glossing over. Your approach of concealing it may in a way get around more bees humming through this glossy exterior.


Be caustic when it comes to getting the clerical work done from your co-workers. The yearend might suck up too much time from your box, to get the clear examination of the work done by those around you. Do not be in a hurry, do the necessary rummaging through all the documentation.


Honey and sugar are enough to lure you today. As pleased as you will be, you will be emotionally placid today.


You are the firefly, flickering with full light. You light your partner's nocturnal imagination with the language of both your body and tongue. You are indeed your partner's candy fly glowing with amplified luminescence of affection, affinity and endearment melting away your partner to deliberately slip in your arms.


It's time to fill in your piggy bank. Your money saving spree will clink the lucky coins.


Drive a car or go biking in an attempt of testing it. This kind of transmission from one spot to another will bring in too much fun.