You may find yourself in the boxing ring against your sibling. Do not buckle up and punch in. Shun your impulsivity, and take some time for logic and reason. There's always a better time to resolve the issues rather than taking a immediate stance in the wake of their emergence.


Be pungently cautious about thievery. Any leakage of your professional details may prove disastrous. Beware of cyber-terrorists and online haunts. Also be careful of all the other forms of thievery, like property theft.


Oodles of anxiety might be pouring out from your emotional faucets. But do not let it overpower you. You also may be feeling otherwise about your self-worth. Do not entertain people who aggravate this temporal feeling of yours. Self-worth is always like a sun-facing flower, the more hovering insects it has, the greater chances of it being deprived of its nectar.


temptations are too succulent to be resisted. These brewing silk feeling toward someone will make you feel beautiful for the time being. But no matter how meaty theses emotions, you cannot gnaw at them permanently. They never can give a base for lasting love, no matter what your perceptions are about it in the hindsight.


It's the karmic whispers. Your assistance will arrive in the form of people you have helped back in the time cycle.


Seas are deep, with a daredevil sense of calm. Seafaring will be your preferred mode of transit.