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Acharya Dr. Parmanand is a renowned and trusted name in the field of all aspect of Spritual activities along with Astrology. He is popular for her simple but very effective spritual and astrological remedies. He has 35 years experience in Astrology, Pamistry, Numerology , Vastu & Occult Science including Astrology, Vayu,and Numerology. He is PhD in Physics yet have been passionately conducting research in Vedic Astrology and Occult Science since 1985.Acharya Dr.Parmanand was born in a family where Spirituality & astrology was in the blood. . His grand father as well as father were brilliant astrologers and Palmists. He learnt basic of Astrology & Palmistry by his father, when he was only 20 year old. But he always had doubt about astrology's worth. Sometimes he would be impressed with astrology and spiritual power and sometimes he would be think it is superstition. So he decided to pursue astrology in depth in 1985 and never had any doubts since then.The more he studied vedic Astrology the more he was convicted that it was a perfect subject worthy of research. ln that period he spent as much time in the ashram of a Guru and mastered the art and science of Astrology,kundalni jagran,yoga and other area of Hindu Thought and religion . He also learnt astrology from India's renowned Institutions and worlwide famous Astrologers and conferred the tittle of Daivagya shree ,Jyotyish maharshi,Jyotish Ratna e.t.c. and various awards. He has been doing self study and practicing astrology & Raj yoga since 1990.He has gone through of Horoscopes & Palm line and have a huge satisfied client base in India and abroad. He had written many articles related to Astrology and other area of Hindu thought and Religion in numerous national News papers and Magazines. . .

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