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Acharya Jigyasu did his masters’ degree in 'Jyotir Vigyan' from Lucknow University and attained his 'Shastri" and "Acharya" title in Jyotish from Gurukul Vishwa Vidyapeeth, Lucknow – India. He was initiated into astrology by 'Prakriti' (nature) via divine blessings, and soon astrology, and helping the society (Seva) became his passion, a way of life & ultimate duty (Dharam). He has been honored with many degrees and decorations in the field of Astrology, Horary, Vaastu Tarot, Sagun, Shastra etc. His exhaustive knowledge of Vedic astrology and philosophy has made special contributions for the common man. He has done special work from spiritual and religious perspectives at pilgrimage places and specific places of worship in India. With divine influence, Acharya Jigyasu, who used to be a senior corporate manager with all materialistic wealth, got inspired to discover 'Self' and the reason for his birth on this planet. Thus, he started studying astrology and researching the principles of Vedic astrology including Vedang, Upnishads, Jyotish and ancient texts in his spiritual journey; and hence started unfolding the secrets of Vedic astrology. He is one of the rare, progressive & unconventional Vedic astrologers in India who are well educated, highly qualified, tech-savvy, widely traveled, straightforward with a logical bent of mind – and who is one of the fastest emerging global brands in the field of Indian Horoscope Astrology; Given the said qualities – Acharya Jigyasu is therefore one of the most sought after astrologers in India today. He is recognized nationally as well as internationally – as a respected astrologer today for his clean approach towards Astrology as he doesn't encourage superstitions in any manner & never misleads his clients in the name of baseless remedies which are practiced and recommended by many other astrologers in an order to make high financial gains.

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