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Rekha Arya with 25 year experience introduce herself as a Vedic Astrologer and Palmist. She has also deep Knowledge in Numerology , Gemology & Vastu .She is Expert in all area of predictive techniques of Astrology such as Horoscope analysis ,Horary Astrology(Through Prashna Kundli ), Shubh Muhurat ,and Vastu well as she suggested the best effective Astral remedies to remove all types of problems in life through Astrology .She learnt Astrology and Occult area of Astrology from India's renowned Institutions and conferred the tittle of Jyotish Maharshi ,Jyotish Visharad etc. She is a member of various federation of Astrologers .She has written many articles related to Astrology and other area of Hindu thought and Religion in numerous national News papers and Magazines.

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