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Tarot Reading (speciality)

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Profile Summary - Hi i am a Delhi based certified tarot card reader .I have been doing tarot for last 5 years. By profession, I am a project delivery manager and working with one of India's most reputed IT companies. Talking about my educational qualification I am an MBA from New Delhi and was born and brought up in a spiritual family. I always found myself fascinated by the unseen forces of nature and the universe. To indulge myself completely in the field of Occult Sciences, I commenced with learning Tarot reading and found it really amazing yet inspiring. Moreover, the remedies I provide are very simple and are proven to have a very positive impact on the lives of the people. I don't charge too much for my services as I believe that helping the people comes first and material gains come second.I try to be honest and not sugarcoat what the cards are showing me but at the same time,I am empathetic and take it very seriously that customer should feel good after they receive the reading and have some areas they could focus on to make themselves feel better and make their situation better. With the help of tarot cards ,I try to help many individuals to look within themselves, understand their emotions and feelings, realize their strengths and weaknesses, reasons behind their words, follow a course of action, find the sources of their conflicts and provide them suggestions to deal with them to enrich the present and future.

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