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Ashwani Khanna is one of the renowned astrologer, expert in vedic astrology and vastu shastra. He has a family history of astrologers, has experience of 12 years in this field and is a self made man. He has shown by his personal example, vedic astrology is so comprehensive and accurate that through proper calculations each and everything in an individual life can be known. Has excellent history of making right predictions and giving view about ones person life. One can easily know - what will be the golden period in one’s life and when the struggling time can come and could be passed through proper remedies. Guidance can be taken about how to increase luck in life to be successful, how to make positive changes in one’s destiny, career, business, health, professional life, personal life, foreign permanent settlement, own a house, marriage, personal relationships. Perfect match making through vedic astrology. Through astrology, one can actually know about basic nature of his partner very well and can then take decision of married life. His knowledge is not limited to personal aspect of life, even he has good knowledge of many aspect of the world like weather, financial market, natural disasters and predicted about top most celebrities.

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