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Astrologer Aswini Panda is blessed with religious intellect and rich moral values from his birth. His grandfather was a very famous Astrologer. His authority was worth famous in his time. After being completely absorbed with lessons taught by grandfather followed by intense training Astrologer Aswini Panda from the age of seven years started working on astrology and Vedic Rituals. Ast. Aswini Panda never considered Astrology as scripture or a religious thing. He always believed there is something more than this. Astrology is a ‘Science’. His style of understanding the planetary position & its impact on human life is purely scientific which attracts the present generation. As it connects with their ‘logical’ thinking Today not only from India but people from far-flung places like the USA, Singapore, Canada, and Australia come to him to get the solutions for problems related to their business and family relations. Astrologer Aswini Panda is also popular among Indian Film Industry celebrities for their career guidance & film predictions. The vision of Aswini Panda’s life is to resolve the problems of people with this scientific boon called ‘Astrology’. He also wanted to overcome the cliché notions in society about astrology. He does not give just the solution of problems but also explains the logical & scientific connection of it. So why wait? Let your life also enjoy this lifetime experience of knowing the future with this magical science!!!

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