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I'm Mr.Kedar, Jyotish Pandit & Jyotish Visharad from Jyotish Parishad, Sadashiv Peth, Pune run by Astrologers Mr.V.Da.Bhat, Mr.ShriRam Bhat, Mr.M.Da.Bhat,etc. I was Very Much Impressed about 2 Subjects on My Mind at the age of 16. One is Swami Vivekananda & the another is Astrology. I got a strong impression of the Knowledge that can actually Open the doors of the Secret that Why the Particular Person is like this & what is his Future will be. This Sight Power Attracted Me towards Astrology. As I've started studying Astrology, within a few years My Judgements have started to get Corrected. Later on People told Me to get a Degree in Astrology, to acknowledge My Studies. So while Studying second year in BA I've mastered in Jyotish Visharad & in the third year I've mastered in Jyotish Pandit in Astrology, Pune. Both I got passed in First Class Grade. After that while doing the other life duties, I've continued with the Astrological Studies. I like the most to study Astrology in My own & surrounding people life stories. I went on a deep observation of how Planets NavGrahas effect/affect on the Human Being Life. Now I've more than 25 years of Experience in Astrology field since 1996. I guide the My Customers(Jatak) till He/She will get completely Satisfied with My Guidance & feel Hopefully Good, Happy about their Future.

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