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Devika Gupta is a Tarot Card Reader, ThetaHealing Practitioner, & Instructor, and Reiki practitioner who has devoted herself towards the betterment of people’s life. In 2019, she started the Devine Healing Academy, with an objective to heal people and empower them to manifest their wishes, build their future, heal ailments, and to experience the joy and bliss of the creator. Throughout Devika’s childhood, she was always inclined towards meditation and finding the true purpose of life. She completed her formal school education and graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University, U.K. Her experiences in meditation and Reiki since her childhood, fostered by her parents, nudged her towards a spiritual path, which brought her back to her hometown Circumstances opened the path for her to undergo certification courses of ThetaHealing & Tarot Card Reading from Spiritual Mentor Romshri, founder of Awakening Love Academy in Dehradun. She learned many courses with the academy and became an instructor successfully! Her therapies showed positive results in many people with different problems. She had now found her true calling! Having traveled this journey, Devika now hopes to spread the love and joys of leading a spiritual life. The readings are more focused on providing solutions.

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