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We all are living in a chaotic environment & dealing with many life issues and not sure about how to get away with them. What you need is a helping guide who can delineate you to the way of harmony and success for you. Kanchan Sharma believes that everyone is given a spiritual experience sometime in their life to open them up to the other world. She has been on the journey of discovery to find different ways of enhancing well being and healing. This has led to many novel methods of healing with living and non-living beings from the natural world. Kanchan Sharma is a well known Vastu consultant, Numerologist,Tarot Card Reader, Astrologer, Past Life Regression, Crystal Therapist and compassionate about what she does, her personality and positive aura towards life are incredibly inspiring. As an expert in Vastu, her Vastu remedies ensure a positive and peaceful environment. Her expertise can be utilised for residential, Commercial and Political Vastu. She has helped many who find stability and security in career, relationships, wealth and life. Kanchan Sharma is gifted with the Psychic & Intuitive abilities. She uses her Intuition and Psychic senses. Her deep desire to learn about life, got her in touch with angels who guided her to her Divine Life Plan.

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