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I am well versed authentic astrologer of both Vedic and KP system of astrology from India and have an physic ability to guide my customers about past present and future , based on the cosmic alignment of planetary position in their birth chart, Horary chart, transit chart . I am well versed in Nadi jyotish , helping my customers to have clear analysis on their relationships in any form , with any one around them or connected to them. I have the ability to increase your positive aura to face the situation with my authentic healing abilities. My solutions of Gems , Crystals , Color healing , Energy Vibrations and Chakra healing did turn as a blessing to many customers . Contact me for Truth and Time -In depth Analysis. I don't give answers to please you instead predictions to show you new path ways .Every client is treated with utmost confidentiality .I am a honest professional with vast majority of Clientele.

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