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Namratha is a certified tarot card reader, reiki healer and angel healer she has experience of more than 6 years she can easily connect herself to the positive energy of the universe she strongly believes in divine power and their magic tarot cards are a wonderful medium to find about one's destiny and to get guidance which leads to the right path she has served numerous clients who have been satisfied with her prediction she used different types of spread for solving problems of the people facing relationships, love, job, career, business and money she has good experience in healing. several clients' observed positive changes in their lives, she is a practitioner of candle spells, switch words, zibu symbols and other modalities which helps her to provide easy remedies for her clients to make their lives positive and better. ✨Her Healing Modalities Are ✨Tarot card reader ✨Reiki healing ✨Angel healing ✨Switchwords magic ✨Zibu symbols ✨Candel Spells ✨Magic spells and more

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