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Started from 1995, I have made a data bank of more than 3500 Birth Charts of Indian and International renowned personalities of every field. I have deeply studied of all the birth charts and make notes as per their planetary positions. Guide more than 2000 persons after seeing their horoscope with my 25 years experience. My remedies are very simple, result oriented and to the point. Attended and participated in many seminars around the Bharat. My predictions about sex of upcoming child are 101% accurate with the grace of God. My accurate predictions on Aishwarya Bachchan, Vijay Mallaya, BJP and Narendra Modi build my confidence on my lovers. My article”Know yourself according to your birth time” published in every Astro magazine of Bharat. Done a certified course of 2 years from Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, Chennai in 2002. Astrology is a puja for me, not a source of income. My aim is only spread my knowledge and learn more and more. Working in MNC as Logistic coordinator and analyst, A Body donor, Osho disciple and a Stamp collector, Collect stamps from my childhood. Limca Book of Record holder and holding “ Pride of India Golden stamp series”. Make an investment of 500 hours with Udemy and 800 hours with LinkedIn Learning for update myself. My written book named “Amritsar- Aaj Tak” recognised the best book in their category. People called me “Encyclopaedia for Amritsar”. Rotary club member and attached with many social and religious organizations.

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