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My name is Sahil Sharma, I have a deep understanding of life's matter through multiple tools like psychic readings, astrology with a great amount of natural organically developed intuition powers to connect with peoples energies. Most helpful for youth who are stuck in there life and interested to know far more valuable things than just predictions. My vision in life is to provide a proper road map for a better living.  I studied Vedic astrology from Janet M parez, She is certified from California college of Ayurveda and Sivananda ashram yoga farm, both in Grass Valley, CA.  I have done Deep study of astronomy of astrologers, All planets effects on daily life, The moon phases and moon condition and I can help you to deal with planet positions, pick things which are pulling you back in life or which can polish your life's character, you can / must ask during the chat or call on how to use the law of attraction according to planet positions. I have more than 7000 plus clients international as I am working in german, Uk and New Zeland based companies, Also done a study on personality behaviors and there effect in life.  I  am always clear and talk to the point without creating much confusion by using the simplest way of talking mankind. My attitude during reading is very calm, mild and supportive, I understand the client's life situation from their point of view and not from my own judgment. Overcoming issues are something which I can easily pick by my intuition powers so be prepared for extraordinary readings but remember that I can ask some cross-question for your own benefits and if anything during the readings does not fits you according to your comfort zone then feel free to be direct. There is a very high chance that loaded too much information at one time can not be as helpful as you deserve so it is better to stick to one area once.  I can also provide easy manifest rituals which can be done with a playfulness attitude they can really help you to create a discipline in your life during the tough times. Peoples who are unable to adjust with current circumstance are most welcome as I can guide you to achieve your life's goals in the most easy ways. 

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