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Tarot Sammeer Arora has been actively pursuing the path of spiritualism since 2006. A life altering experience forced him to question the reason existence and life purpose. He found his answers in learning Astrology, Tarot and Numerology. He says "I lost my dad at the age of 15 there was a desperate need to communicate with him. I pursued medium ship and channeling to communicate with him and fell in love with the process and have been a medium and communicator with the world beyond since then". He always like to read and research more and working with the above mentioned modalities. He created two new healing modalities...Tarotlogy which is working with the Tarot cards to heal relationships between conflicting planets and Karmic Kundali which is based on the principles of collective karma of our lifetimes. He developed his own Karmic Kundali cards that help in creating a karmic horoscope to understand past Karmas and correcting them. It has been a fascinating journey for him so far and he intend to continue and learn more and keep upgrading myself. He practice all the above mentioned modalities professionally.

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