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The interest for astrology has grown inside him from childhood days, So he learnt it from different gurus to get the diversified knowledge related to astrology. Eventually he started practicing those practices on himself and acclaimed the loads of appraisals for his work among the acquaintances too. Gradually, those who where around him got to know about his practices and started paying visit for the complex problems they had in their lives. Latter he saw his clients are coming back for another visit, so he understood his potential as a reader which he got by the knowledge of astro science and by the blessings of God. Astrology totally depends on the correct understanding and analysis of chart by proper permutations and combinations and one who understands this properly, they can predict well and can able to built a good and monotonous relationship with the customer's as well. To guide them properly in problems related to education, career growth, love marriage, counseling and many more with proper solutions need to be taken with a pinch of salt and some times suffering has no escape route. He is a Vedic astrologer with experience in vedic astrology, palmistry, medical astrology

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