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I am Astrologier Santhosh Bhat, a Vedic astrologer with 20 years experience and have 3 national award, I am following vedic prediction method but to get accurate prediction I use a mixed method of numerology, tarot card and Vedic astrology too. By this method we can able to check single minute difference in the planetary position too, I can check Jamkol Arudam and Prasannam and *Panchapattchi* timings too. By using all these tools I can predict the major events that will take place in one’s life which includes health, peace, wealth, prosperity, job and careers, diseases and disorders, financial conditions, marriage and love life, education, property, longevity, fertility and conceiving a child. I am expertise and knowledge in these fields have helped 10000 of My clients. All My predictions will be spot-on and accurate. My guidance and remedies in all important areas of life like career, business, money, love, education, property, marriage, spouse, partnership, luck , personal matters, transfer, health, education , Muhurta, Match making, fixing auspicious time for birth of child have changed the lives of My clients and today My Clients are leading a healthy, wealthy and happy life. In the past 5 years I have been helping clients in providing realistic solutions and finest simple remedies in overcoming their issues.

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