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My self Sonal. I love to be a mediator and pass on the guidance I received from the energy of Universe for whoever is seeking for. I believe only diagnose of issue is not enough we need remedies as well to heal any aspect of life to get balance journey of our master plan, I work with only positive energies and wish to provide clarity in difficult or confused situation whoever is seeking for. I have a experience of tarot card reading for almost 7 years now I belong to wiccan community and love to work with crystals and Tarot spells as well. I have done Certified courses and having knowledge about. Tarot card reading basic, Advanced Tarot, Oracle cards reading, Angel cards reading, Crystal therapy , Colour therapy , Predictions with runes, Pendulum dowsing, Candle magic, Magical oils and spells, and currently a part of wicca ) I believe colour therapy and affirmations are very simple yet powerful ways to simplify a journey of life,

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