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He has done his masters in Vedic astrology and is a Reiki practitioner, Master teacher of Lama Fera ( Tibetan healing modality) ,apart from the mainstream Vedic astrology, expert in Astro Numerology, Vaastu consultation, tarot card reading and past life regression. New age psychic readings and past life regression healing are also his specialities. In modern Astrology, a great emphasis is also given in Aura reading and DNA healings, which he has done and is practising successfully for a long time. He is a professional Hypnotherapist, Psychoanalyst and NLP practitioner which have also given him a better application on life challenges in a scientific way. He has the opportunity to cater to a vast range of people of different ages and professions over 12 years. He has developed a very modern and scientific approach to heal issues related to education, marriage, relationship, business, services and many other spheres of life.

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