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*About Bhumika .....*. *I Practice different alternate healing modalities from more than 18years. I was always gifted to help people in different ways from my childhood itself by unintentional healings gifted to me by my *Grand Mother* she use to heal people with the pains and aches seeing that even i started doing that and when grew up by age of 19 i learnt the healings modalities from there i got to know that m born a healer when Dr. Sinthiya Morosis from whom i learnt my THETA HEALINGS.* *THAN like wise i started learning different modalities from different healers and guides and teachers. And with the grace of god now i have become the successful healer, teacher and Guide for the people who come to me for the help in any issue.* *I have clients from small farmers to multi millionaire clients who come to me for help and m blessed to help them.* My healing modalities are:- ✨ TAROT CARD READING ✨ Akashic Records Reader and Healer ✨ ANGEL THERAPIST ✨ LAMA FERA MASTER TEACHER ✨ SPIRTIUAL SOUL HEALING THERAPIST ✨ ACCESS BARS CONSCIOUSNESS ✨ CRYSTAL HEALER AND THERAPIST ✨CANDLE MAGIC ✨ SWITCH MAGIC ✨ BACH FLOWER ✨ PAST LIFE REGRESSION ✨ THETA HEALINGS ✨ RUNES ✨ TEA LEAF READING ✨NUMEROLOGY ✨MERLIN MAGIC ✨SOUND HEALING ✨MAGICAL SPELLS AND MORE

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