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Dr.Shobha Chandgude is a professional Tarot Card reader from Mumbai, India. Tarot Card & dowsing are her ways to connect with the universe. She runs a number of workshops in these areas. She taught more than 400 students Tarot and Switch words and now they all are helping others with tarot and switch words. She is having clients in India, US and other countries. She has conducted a full session on tarot and dowsing which was orgnised by Symbiosis Entreneurship management institute, Pune. There she trained many entrepreneurs on how to choose product color, make visiting cards, logo, business name, etc based on this study. she is founder of MY ASTRO POINT. She is a co-founder of IIAM CHA (INSTITUTE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE ) & proud owner of mental Health spa Mumbai which will rejuvenate within you. SHE IS SWITCH WORD GRAND MASTER.SHE GIVES SWITCH WORDS AS REMEDIES. Her prediction & remedies in fields like career, Money, Health, Love & relationship, Family, legal matters, Business, Job, Education, Marriage, etc. Are proved to be best.

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