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Hansraj has a deep understanding of life's matter through multiple tools like Tarot card and psychic readings. Hansraj is a certified Meditation teacher, Energetic Bodywork healer, Reiki healer as well as a yoga teacher. He has over 10 years experience in meditation and working with energy. Over the years he has a developed a keen sense of intuition. He believes that everyone is connected energetically to the world around us. As a reader, one can energetically connect to another person irrespective of the distance between them. Such study is most helpful for youth who are stuck in their life and are interested to know far more valuable things than just predictions. His vision in life is to provide a proper road map for a better living. He says that we as humans are connected deeply with the universe around us. Thus our daily life gets affected by the planets, moon phases and moon conditions. Through his intuition and using the tools of Tarot cards and psychic reading he can bring new insights and understanding of the situations that you are currently dealing with or feel stuck with. He has worked in many countries including England, France and Australia. Through his work in energetic bodywork as he has gained an understanding of the personality types and their effect in life. He always provides clarity and talks to the point without creating much confusion. He uses the simplest way of communication. He is very calm, mild and supportive. He understands the client's life situation from their point of view and not from his judgment. Remember that he can ask some additional questions for your benefit and if there is anything during the readings you do not like or is out of your comfort zone, then feel free to be direct. There is a very high chance that too much information at one time cannot be as helpful as you deserve, so it is better to deal with one issue at a time. People who are unable to adjust with current circumstances are most welcome, as he can guide you in your current situation so that you have a greater understanding of things and thus feel stronger and confident towards achieving your goals. 

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