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I am Radha Kushwah a professional tarot reader, kundali and vaastu consultant working for last 7 Years and serving with very logical remedies and power logical consultation. I provide very effective and easy remedies in simple ways ,no puja ,yantra or tantra remedies recommended by me for any of problems, modern, vaastu, without demolition, logical, tried and tested astro tips . As per my experience astrology never predict future but provide ways and help to live and make correct and best life and future. Astrology is the belief that alignment of starts and planets effects every individuals, mood, personality, environment, depending on when he and she born. So it firmly as per my experience, never be superstitious, only be logical and live the way correct with the help of accurate Astrology and Tarot. As my 7 years experience tarot prediction, found 99.9% accurate and logical.

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