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Tridha Arora is a Certified Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist, Candle Magick Expert,Spell Caster, Fengshui Expert,Body Language Expert, and a Life Coach learnt under the Mentorship of India' Top Celebrity Tarot Card Reader.She has been helping many renowned people from Business,Media, Corporate with Tarot Cards, Numerology and guiding them to attract success,abundance,love in life and make it worth living. Since her childhood, she had very strong intution and since then she started developing her psychic abilities. From her qualifications she is a MBA. She is highly driven towards healing people with her guidance through Tarot Cards, Numerology, Spiritual Healings,Fengshui,Law of Attraction,Counseling and other Modalities.She always wants to be a light to people and provide them Solutions with best Remedies. She has skilled herself in many Modalities,now she wants to aid people and mentor them for bright future ahead.

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