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Ujjwal Shastri a Hindu sonnasi and priest is one of the leading Vedic and KP Astrologer from West Bengal with more than 25 years of experience. He has done a Bachelor of Astrology from Krishna Murti Institute of Astrology, Chennai. He is Gold Medalist in Astrology. He is specialized in doing prediction in different fields like Career, Finacial, Wealth, Marriage, Relationship, Health, Job, Business, etc. Ujjwal Shastri is also an expert in Prasna Kundali (Horary Astrology). He has done deep research in Lottery and Luck in Horoscope Chart. Many of his clients ask Lottery Number and he provides this by doing deep analysis. He is having clients all across India and in most of the European Countries. He solves the problem by analyzing horoscope through various angles and provide easy remedies. He is expertise in solving different malefic dosh like – kaal sarp dosh, Pritu dosh, sani sade sati, Mangal dosh, Vish Yoga .Kemodrum yoga .Punarpoo yoga .Dridra Yoga etc

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