Astrologer Help

  1. We believe in quality and thus there is very strict process in astrologer verification and selection so always give your accurate details.
  2. You can choose maximum two primary skills so always choose in which you are expertise as our expert may ask you in detail about your primary skills.
  3. There are three services we are providing through this app and that is Call, Chat and Report. You have to select which service you can provide. You can do this through app.
  4. You can set your status online or offline for all call, chat and report. If online then be alert as if you will miss any call or chat request then this will have negative effect in your profile and thus decrease your rating. If you set offline then you can also set that when you want to come online again in next 24 hours.
  5. You can do your rate settings yourself but if allowed by our team. Even after setting rate by you we can change it if we feel it is not viable. It is our advice that always set rate according to your popularity. Don’t set rate too high as this decrease your call or chat request order.
  6. Calling is very simple process. User will call then you will first receive call and when you pick up the call then user will get connected. You will receive user birth detail in notification also and you can also ask from user. After call ending you will see details of this call in call history which is in menu.
  7. In chatting process user will request chat and you will get notification. In that notification you will get user birth detail. Please fill birth detail in your computer before accepting chat and this will save time of user. You have to accept chat in three minutes and if you will not accept then it will be rejected. After this user will enter chatroom and the moment user will enter chatroom, billing will start. There is option to end chat. There is also special power for you. You can give 1 free minute to user anytime between chat. You should do this only when you will have taken extra time and user is not happy. Remember you will not paid for any extra free minute.
  8. There are different astrology report. If user buy any report then you will get notification and all details of report in your app. You have to send this report within next 24 hours. You can send it through web panel.
  9. Rating and Reviews is very important so always careful and think that user provide you best rating review.
  10. Your Earning will be shownevery time to when you complete on order but it can be reviewed edit at the end of the month. All your call, chat and report order will be reviewed by our experts. Quality of prediction is our main priority.
  11. To get top visibility, good expert grading and want to come in astrologer of the month you have to maintain your profile. We usually do it according to your rating and review by users, how softly you handle your client, how is your analysis and the most important how long you remain online on this app. This is very important that you remain online on this app maximum time whether you are getting call or chat request or not. We calculate your online time and thus according to that promote your profile.

You can check your web panel by going below link and register there. “Website link of astrologer panel”